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In Case You Were Satisfied With Drag Race's New Trans Sensitivity

...old habits die hard.

Nevertheless, I went to see the live Drag Race tour last night - because I just love a drag show - and while it was great, there were a lot of jokes cracked using the word "shemale." Many of the queens performing (and also host Michelle Visage) cracked small jokes about Shemale.

I was pleased that the TV show has officially dropped "She-Mail"/"Shemale" and the term "tranny." This seems to be a good move on the part of being more inclusive and less trans-phobic - not that I am an expert, just taking cues from those around me.


But last night irked me because the tour is an official part of the show - this isn't the queens, out on their own, jut mentioning it. The TV show drops the terminology, but the tour still does whatever they want. Even more surprising is that Carmen Carrera was there, former contestant and an out, currently transitioning transwoman who has outwardly criticized the transphobic language on Drag Race.

The part that bothered me most - it physically made me flinch - was that when the term "Shemale" was dropped casually, the crowd would go berserk in cheers of support. Why, crowd of mostly gay men and straight women, do you feel the need to show such enthusiastic support for something that hurts others? I will never understand this - why people support their own right to be offensive more than someone else's right to a positive, tolerant environment.


Note: I am a cisgendered heterosexual woman - everything I know about appropriate trans-friendly language has come from Kat Callahan and other trans voices. I am offended by the use of the transphobic language, but not personally hurt by it - I just want to be clear that I am not trying to make this about me.

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