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Welcome To The Bitchery

In case you were wondering...

A man you reported for sexual harassment in September will still think its appropriate to send you text messages blaming YOU for the awkwardness at work and warn you to "keep your distance, especially outside of work functions" months later.

I'm kind of freaking out. We have maybe said 5 words to each other since my bosses took care of the whole situation but I ran into some people from my boss' private company (I work in an academic lab but my boss has a private biotech company, harasser works for the private company) and stopped to chat for literally less than 5 minutes last night. His old shtick was "omg i like you so much, why can't we be together?" but today's text definitely took a turn for vindictive and mean. I am leaving for a new program in December so it seems unwise to engage or even report it again to my boss. Its just gross and obnoxious and I wish for once I don't have to be the adult and could put this loser in his place once and for all. Maybe as a last parting gift before I leave.


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