"Machismo" is alive and well. I'm a raging soccer fan. Played it since I was 3, played it in undergrad, play in coed leagues now, and I follow it ardently. There's a tournament going on called the Confederation Cup and the Championship game between Spain-Brazil just ended. I lived in Spain for a short while so I cheer for Spain in most games. I went to a bar to watch the game wearing neutral (colors for neither team). Apparently this bar was where all of the Brazilian expats were watching the game and one took particular offense to a woman watching. I made one out loud complaint when Brazil took a dive and then proceeded to start a fight on the field. My complaint was literally "Oh, come on" and this guy just lost it. He started screaming things at me from across the room and then when Brazil scored he came got in my face and literally screamed "IN YOUR FACE" and ran back. Then when halftime came he sat about 10 yards from me and stared at me while I talked to my friends. Just stared. I was with a group of 5 men and their response was, "just don't say anything about Spain" maybe he'll leave you alone but he just kept at it. It was the most aggressive, terrifying thing I've ever dealt with. We eventually just left because Spain was losing badly and this guy was still just so angry at me.

I'm just so annoyed. None of this guy's friends thought his behavior was abhorrent enough to even tell him to chill out. And my guy friends are all pretty small and nonthreatening so it wasn't like I could ask them to make him leave me alone. I rarely, rarely ever feel cowed down enough to not respond to an obnoxious man as I usually either have pepper spray or my 6'2 brother with me and I'm a pretty mouthy bitch and I'm just so angry that I allowed this stupid loser to make me feel so vulnerable in public. Fortunately I have wine. Lots of wine.