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Welcome To The Bitchery

One of my friends shared this article about an FFA chapter in Gardiner, Montana. It’s headline being “One Diverse Chapter is Picture Perfect”. I clicked on it curious how FFA was reaching out for diversity, especially knowing how not diverse Gardiner is. Turns out I was right to be skeptical about that headline. Turns out diversity in this chapter means some of the kids are band geeks, some play football, some play basketball. Yet, somehow they all manage to get past those differences and get along.... I mean this does cover a broader range of interests than some FFA chapters I read. But, my first thought of what I read the word “diversity” is a lot different than it would have been before I started reading GT.

Illustration for article titled In case you were wondering what passes for diversity in Montana....

But, look at that scenery behind them. There is a reason that area is called Paradise Valley. Driving near there is one of my favorite parts of the drive when I head to Bozeman.

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