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Welcome To The Bitchery

In the other article, there was a common thread running through the comments. It was one I would've expected, but that I actually entirely disagree with: everyone talks about how shitty Valentine's Day is.

First off, a few people mentioned it as "the other worst day to work in a restaurant." Um...no. Nope nope nope. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Valentine's Day was my second favorite holiday of the year, trailing only Christmas Day (and that only because on Christmas Day, people get ludicrously, unreasonably generous). True, it's busy — but it isn't nearly as busy as Mother's Day. More importantly, most of your tables are 2-tops...and 2-tops that a) are happy to be there, and b) aren't in a mad rush. They don't need a huge amount of attention because what they're mostly there for is each other. For the same reason, they're not usually hugely concerned if you run out of something: they're not coming out for the food, but for the company and the experience. Add that to the fact that couples between the ages of 35 and 60 were always my wheelhouse and I would CRUSH it on Valentine's Day.

A lot of people might also say "it's a contrived holiday." Yes, it is. You know what other holiday is a contrived holiday? ALL OF THEM. They're all contrived in one way or another.

Believe me, I get where this is coming from: a lot of it is from the fact that some people are single and bitter. Fine, I understand that. I can't pretend I have a lot of sympathy for it (probably because I used to be that person, and not being that person any more is part of the reason I'm not single), but I get it. But I like Valentine's Day. And it's a damn sight better than any holiday that tries to make me dress up in a costume (the very thought of which makes my skin crawl).


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