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In Defense of Acrylic

Do you love colors? I sure do! Do you love knitting or crocheting? Me too! Are you a multi millionaire? No. Strange, me neither. And yet, as a colorfully minded, yarn crafter who doesn't have an endless supply of disposable cash I know, come fall and winter the one thing I will hear at stitch and bitch circles, and knit nights

*Ew. How can you craft with....acrylic?*

Acrylic, spoken in the same hushed, horrified tones as poison or infanticide or acid washed jeans. Acrylic, that sad,work horse, man made, never found in nature polymer. With colors and textures that could only have come from the depth of chemistry (or alchemistry) But really, is it SO bad?


Nay! Nay says I! I make blankets, and i make 'em in acrylic. The acrylics of today are light years away from the scratchy, coarse plastic skeins of yesteryear. I'll put dimes to donuts that some where, tucked in a closet or thrown over a couch is an afghan, made by a grandmother or aunt sometime in the 70' s and the colors are a little weird and no matter how many times you wash it it still feels plasticky and if it's been through a hard core enough dryer, it might have a melted spot. And those blankets are great heirlooms, but they are not the blanket Aunty Whomever would be making now. Now she (or he, what up yarn fellas!) Have access to yarns soft like an angels far and in rich, saturated colors. And some of them offering hundreds and hundreds of yards for pennies compared to merino blends. So go forth Noble crafter. Go forth and make something!

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