Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I only learned this recently, when someone else on the Internet linked to the list of Jezebel’s synonyms for Donald Trump, that he was called the “human equivalent of cargo pants that zip away into shorts.”

That is so wrong.

Cargo pants - whether they zip away into shorts or not - do more to empower women in a day than Cheeto Jesus has done, will do, or would even lie and say he would do in his whole life. The convertible ones give us the power to be comfortable in all kinds of weather, menopause or not! The nylon ones dry quickly when we are caught in the rain on our woman power missions! And cargo pants liberate us from having to carry a purse when we don’t want to. They have pockets for everything. Wallet, keys, multi-tools, phone, snacks, and of course our Woman Card (TM).


This is my first post and now you know never to take my fashion advice :-D

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