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In Defense of Jezebel's Disney Dick Pics (reshare)

I just unshared story645's share of this post, because I wanted to preface it. Initially (when I first saw the post) I wanted to share this post with GT because I thought it was an awesome post, especially as it came from Oppo. But the comments made me question that decision, enough to where I (and some other moderators) decided that it might be best to let the post sit. Matt Hardigree (EIC of Jalopnik) shared it on twitter and many people saw it.

It IS a great post. And I enjoyed the original post on Jezebel, I thought it was humorous, and I thought it was a well timed post. And I really loved seeing this on Oppo.

I would like to further state that by sharing this, it is my express intent not to shit stir, by bringing comments I know to be potentially inflammatory, to GT, but to share one of our better posts in the last week, regarding a topic that is absolutely apropos to the community. And now that it has been shared once, and seen, I feel like it would be dishonest of me, and of oppo keep it unshared.


If you have any comments you would like to direct toward me, as opposed to NotinDetroit, please leave them here: http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/if-anyone-has-….

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