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Warning: This post will be spoilery up until Season 4, Episode 7! I don't want to say the name of the episode, cause even that is a little spoilery. It's the last I've watched, so please don't say anything toooo bad that happens after that. :)

Is this past the jump yet? One more paragraph, just in case.


I just watched The Doctor's Daughter. SUCH A GOOD EPISODE. But it had me thinking. I think Martha Jones as a companion gets the short end of the stick, and further, my god, that woman has been through A LOT.

People talk about Donna Noble a ton - and I see why, she is amaaaazing. People also seem to love Rose, a little less, but she's many peoples' first, and also wonderful, so yeah. Martha doesn't really get the love!

I quizzed a friend on that once - a friend who told me I'd 'get it' once I'd finished her episodes, but I didn't get it at all. Her explanation is that compared to Donna, Martha is too lovey, too weak. She gets saved a lot, she doesn't contribute a whole lot, and her infatuation with the Doctor is annoying.

Disagree, disagree, disagree. I mean, if there's a feminist analysis of Martha as a damsel in distress, I'm all for reading that, but she seemed to pull her weight plenty! She was often left on her own to figure shit out, and she always did. And I wasn't annoyed with her love for the Doctor, because I can understand being awed and in love with a person like that. Yeesh!


And. And. Poor Martha, because Martha has, aside from the Doctor, the most grief I've seen so far, and we never get that part of the storyline, except that it means traveling is too much for her.

Martha had to voyage the Earth for AN ENTIRE YEAR dealing with the imminent death of the entire human race, and she SAVED IT, only to have that wiped away. Can you imagine the kind of trauma she went through? She's engaged, but she can't tell her fiancé about that. Her friend, the Hath guy, just died, and she was so ruined! And she didn't even get a chance to tell that story to the Doctor, or process her emotions. No, she's just dumped again on Earth, into a life where literally no one can understand or believe her.


I mean, her family knows about that missing year, and the existence of the Doctor and space and things, so in theory she can talk to them - but they were never good at letting her talk about her feelings before.


I don't think the show should be any different, because it is way too lighthearted to deal with issues like PTSD and trauma and depression and the intense amounts of therapy I wish Martha could get. But I hope New Who fans can give her a little slack, because she was a great companion! She was (is?) a tough character who managed to somehow pull herself together after serious trauma and make a life for herself. She managed to get away from the Doctor when it was best for her - and not once, but twice. Because yes, he is wonderful, but their relationship was daaamn unhealthy for her.

Am I crazy? Is my friend group the only one who thinks Martha's lame? Are there Martha fans out there? I can't love her more than Donna and Rose, but I just can't love her any less either! What about you?


Martha, I salute you!

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