Sorry if you have Sterling Fatigue™ but I gotta rant here.

Really, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Sterling was cajoled into revealing his racism? She's a "sexy nanny"? Your article made a lot of excellent points, too bad you had to throw in some ugly misogyny.

I don't really care what Stiviano's motives were. I don't really care if/why/how or when she made those recordings, if she released them to the media, and the entire discussion of Sterling's "civil rights" is a fucking joke. He's a white billionaire. He has more rights than the entire rest of the state of California.

I don't care how much money or what gifts he gave her. I don't care what arrangement they had or about their sex life or the litigation with his wife.

The fact remains that the NBA and all the other owners knew and have known what Donald Sterling is for a long time, as have various state and federal agencies. What happened? Nada. Zip. Zilch. FOR YEARS. They didn't care. What brings Donald Sterling down, to the extent that he is brought down? V. Stiviano. Here's to you lady.