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In her own words: more on the Irish abortion refusal and c-section

The woman at the centre of the case has given an interview with the Irish Times. The upshot as I read it, she was seriously jerked around and lied to.

"Yes, I would have preferred an abortion," she said. "I was told the only way to end the pregnancy at this point would be a Caesarean . . . They said wherever you go in the world, the United States, anywhere, at this point it has to be a Caesarean."

"They knew I was going to do myself ill. From Friday I did not eat. I did not drink. For four days I didn't drink, I didn't eat . . . I thought that way I could die...On Monday night two doctors came, a psychiatrist and a gynaecologist, and said, 'We are going to carry out the abortion next Monday but you have to be strong. You have to eat. You have to drink.' I started to eat and I drank."

She says she was told a few days later that the plan had changed.

She was raped in her home country and only found out after arriving in Ireland that she was pregnant. So, it will be a permanent reminder of what she was trying to leave, on top of everything else.


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