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In Honor of North West

What celebrity inspired object/directional/food name would you name your child? Don't be ashamed to admit you've always enjoyed the lilt of the word "Spatula" or how "Lamp" rolls off your tongue. Personally, I don't think "Apple" is a phonetically beautiful word, but I could get behind a child named "Parsley" or even "Organic." If you don't get your inspiration for your future offspring from the produce section of the grocery store, just look around you and I'm sure a lovely child's name is within your eyesight. (Would "Dollar" really be that crazy of a baby name? Of course not.)

I've actually always been a little intrigued by the idea of naming my child Rook, after the piece in chess, but apparently I'm very unhip because Rook is already a real baby name. So, maybe I'll go with Book instead.


I just tried to get inspired by my acrylic paints, in honor of the adorable, Blue, and even Crimson is already considered a name! Clearly, I need some help naming a child that can hang out with the future tiny celebrity elite as a perfect unique little snowflake with a one of a kind name.

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