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I am going to the “in-laws” for the weekend and have a problem. If I get a headache mid-day, 4 of 5 times I will have skipped (intentionally or forgotten) my morning coffee and a coffee fixes it. Boyname’s Dad drinks decaf or 50/50 and knows we both drink regular. He brews us coffee and says it is regular, but I have my doubts. Every time I go there I get a headache mid-day. Boyname won’t speak up so that puts me in a weird spot as he doesn’t get physical withdrawal symptoms for caffeine. On the last day I am usually ok because I get a regular cup as soon as I leave being that I am driving awhile and all.


I think my best bets are “switching to tea” or a can of something caffeinated. There is no convenient store close enough to “walk the dog” to.

I don’t like soda much and definitely not cola or Mtn Dew and energy drinks are a bit no go for several reasons. In general I try to skip corn syrup and fake sugars in my beverages. And I can’t have that much milk so Starbucks Frappuccino cans are out. Any other ideas?

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