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In "Let's destroy it just cause we can" news:

Trump wants to reorganize the government. Or rather Mick Mulvaney and the conservative nutters like the Kochs and Heritage Foundation do.


Consolidate Education and Labor Departments, take SNAP from Agriculture, move lots of things from Commerce to HUD. Basically by moving shit around they can eliminate lots of mandatory spending and a lot of the social safety net programs become discretionary spending. Also it will fuck things up and create massive government gridlock since you can be certain they will do it with no forethought and planning. Which of course will then feed their already well-honed narrative that government doesn’t work and is the problem coupled with the whole fuck the poors* they deserve it deal.


On the plus side pretty much all Democrats and some saner Republicans are against this. Maybe it won’t happen.

*poors defined as anyone not in the top .01%

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