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In light of recent events...

This Robin Williams news has hit me extra hard today. My parents had been separated since I was very, very young. When I would have my weekends with my dad, we would watch Mrs. Doubtfire and The Birdcage at least once. We made a special time out of watching those movies, and it was our time. We had witty banter of one liners almost all the time, and it was our special little "something" that we got to share.

My dad committed suicide in January of 2011. Hearing that Robin has now done the same ... man. Right in the fucking feels. Those movies were the things I went back to when I was missing my dad, or wanted a little nostalgic evening to myself. Now, I get to think about my dad and Robin going through the same emotional shit that a lot of other normal humans do. It's not just a sickness for your layman - it can happen to anyone. I'm gonna go take some Pirin tablets and have a self care night with my Lucy wig!


Sorry for the sad. Here's some happy kittens to make it more cheerful. RIP Robin!

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