Here is an article from the blog Every Saturday Morning run by escorts at a Louisville abortion clinic.

Most of the piece is quite beautiful. Here though is an example of the "quiet conversations"* one protester uses:

One of our regular antichoice protesters, Ron, is fond of shouting loudly at the clinic entrance, "Bring out the buckets of dead babies!!! I wanna see the buckets of dead babies! What do you DO with all those buckets of dead babies?!?? All you people care about are trees. What do you do for fun after you leave here, deathscorts? Huh? Do you go kill puppies and kittens for fun? Huh? Is that what makes you happy? Buckets of dead babies and buckets of dead puppies and dead kittens…"

I realize the SC was looking at a very narrow reading of the law etc etc, but it's still disheartening. I shudder to think what these protesters will do in the coming weeks as this ruling is bound to embolden them.

*the quiet conversations description is how the protesters who brought the suit to the SC described their actions.

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