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Violet’s etiquette post made me think of some advice I *wish* I could just tell every single parent of preschoolers everywhere.

So in the spirit of unsolicited, but truly USEFUL advice, what is something YOU wish you could made widely/universally known, GT?

Which thing(s) perhaps make you absolutely batty, because you see the same thing happening over & over again, and too many folks simply don’t know any better?


Bring those things here, let’s share them, and pretend we can make the world better for a bit!😉

In my case, it’s about kids’ shoes, and my semi-annual diatribe against parents buying their kids Nikes as a pair of “good everyday shoes.”

Imo, Nike’s kids’ shoes are trash for which one is *only* paying for a logo.

Sure, they *look* cute, and if you want them for some sort of matching outfits/ family photos thing, absolutely, you do you!


But for everyday playing & wearing, most kids’ Nikes are absolute rubbish.

They’re too narrow for many children’s feet to fit properly, and/or kids should almost NEVER be wearing pointy-toed shoes (or shoes with a narrow toe box).


Kids’ Nikes typically have very little-to-no flexibility in the soles/in the ankle (or if they’re the “light & flexible” shoes, they offer VERY little support!), and they teach the child really bad motor movements/gait, exactly when the child needs to learn *proper* walking & running techniques.**

They’re also *overpriced* trash, and you are literally only paying for the branding. Most times, they’re made out of plastics/vinyls which don’t let the child’s foot breathe—so you end up with tiny, stanky, swamp-feet (And there is NO reason a 3-year old should *have* swamp-foot!!!😬🤢😱).


There are MUCH better & more supportive kids’ shoes on the market!!!

If you’re able to pop $50+ for a pair of shoes for your preschooler, go with a brand like Plae, or Keen, or New Balance, and if your budget is $12-40, get your kiddo some OshKosh’s


You won’t mess up your child’s feet, and you’ll allow them to develop *good* walking technique & posture.

Also, unless you have a tight budget & absolutely can’t afford those $12-30 shoes, please—seriously!—at the cheap end, GO WITH OSHKOSH!!!


Don’t bother with the “cute” & cheap $10-20.00 no-brand tennis shoes.

Do NOT waste your hard-earned money!!!

The velcro on the straps WILL crap out at 1-2 months worth of wear, and you WILL need to buy your child another pair, or your kid won’t be able to run & play at recess w/o losing their shoes every three steps. I guarantee it. I see it happen EVERY week I work with my kids!


Cheap shoes are so cheap, *because* they use cheap, shitty, velcro on their closures, which shreds out in 30-60 days.

Get your child DECENT shoes.😉

Save their feet the damage, and save your pocketbook the damage of having to spring for shoes every month & a half, too!


**Seriously folks!

The number of young kids I’ve known who wear mid/high top “structured” Nikes and the number of young children who *do not* know how to flex their feet as they take a step (and instead lift, then slap the foot down flat in a duck-like/Frankenstein’s monster-gait) are almost 1:1. *Exactly* because those Nikes don’t bend at the ball of the foot (they’re too short in length, for the thickness of the rubber sole to be able to bend!), and the kids only flex/lift their foot at the ankle joint, then slap the rest of their foot down flat.


It fuggles up a child’s walking mechanics/gait, at *precisely* the time when they ought to be learning *good* technique💔😕

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