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In memoriam

This past weekend was the anniversary of my husband's death. It has been nine years. In his honor, I spent the weekend living the best I could.

1. A commemorative pool game was played. He once built a pool table in our living room, and I hated it with a mad passion. The table was beautiful — with maple rails, a purple felt, and pockets I made from elk leather — but our apartment turned into an after-hours pub and I was not a fan. Embarrassingly, I am a terrible pool player.

2. I tried to do good deeds. Visited sick friends, helped those in need, made dinner for others. For me, these are the types of things that anchor me in the world.


3. Got my geek on by visiting the Bay Model. This retired scale-model of San Francisco's Bay served as a testing ground for environmental issues for over 50 years. Now an educational tool, it replicates a full 24 hour tidal system every 14 minutes.

4. I cried. Told stories. Drank of the whiskey.

We all die. But first, we live. Make the most of it, everyone, because you never know when it will stop.

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