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TV Characters: Real People vs. "Aliens"

In my television viewing, I'm working my way through the collective works of Jason Katims. My So-Called Life started it, about a year and a half ago, and I got sidetracked into the wonderful world of 90s fashion and went off on a Buffy/Angel tangent. I just finished Friday Night Lights, which is so close to perfect (sorry, dead guy in the river). I love Katims' quest for realness in the relationships and story/situations. The conflict is relatable and realistic. I just started Parenthood. Hunh. (spoilers ahead)


It's been good so far. I just started season 3. I have a major problem with a major story point that started the season: Alex punches the host of a high school party, where there's copious amounts of underage drinking, all over the place. The host calls the cops. THE KIDS STICK AROUND. Then the cops ONLY ARREST ALEX. Not the host. Not the parents. The host's parents press assault charges, but there's no mention of any charges on them for child endangerment or whatever giving alcohol to minors is. They wouldn't have to spend time on it, but having an entire party full of underaged drinkers STICK AROUND UNTIL AFTER THE COPS SHOW UP is the opposite of realistic.

I like these people. I root for them. I want these actors to stay employed. But sometimes, these Seventh Heaven-level plotlines are unbearable. I can understand wanting to write Alex off the show, and making him a criminal alcoholic whatever, but they could have gone about it differently, or at least thought about it like human beings. I was watching Under the Dome and gave it the benefit of the doubt, and stuck with it, even after the world turned against it. I read a few lines in a weekly recap accusing the show of behaving like aliens or something, and I didn't get it. Then I saw the episode where the kid plugs in the electric car before taking the woman with the gunshot through the doors into the emergency room. Now I totally get the "aliens" reference, and completely agree. I think the "Landry killed a guy" plotline falls into this category, as well. Now I'm paranoid that Parenthood is venturing into "aliens" territory. Please, without spoiling too much, assure me that it doesn't get absurd.

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