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In Need of Cheering Up

I need some happiness. It's been a shit week (and it's only TUESDAY OMG), and I would really appreciate you all unloading your gif folders on me.

My car is in the shop for the third time in two weeks. I've already spent $700 for them to guess at what's wrong, and the problem still isn't fixed. I'm terrible at yelling at people so I feel like I'm being a huge pushover and they're probably hosing me.


Mr. Buttcheeks is gone all week for work so I can't sleep and it makes me angry that my sleep is literally reliant on this dude sleeping next to me.

The fucking mayor of this goddamn town tried to crawl up my ass yesterday and tell me how to do my job. THE MAYOR.

And then I scorched a pot. A brand new Jamie Oliver pot. Sure, I finally got it clean with baking soda but fuck if it wasn't the cherry on top of the worst day ever.

So. Help me out. Give me the funnies. Or the bunnies. More piglets? Yes, more piglets. And Hiddleston and Cumberbatch.

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