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In Other News….

We're all pretty sick of crappy stuff in the news lately, right? Surely the world of comics has something positive for us all?

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Womp. Womp.

It seems that Spider Woman is presenting for a good chunk of NYC on the cover of her 1st issue (variant cover).


This goes well beyond ok. It's just needless. It's the kind of thing you'd expect on the cover of Heavy Metal and not a subsidiary of Disney.

Needlessly over sexualized pose aside, what the hell is up with the art?

Judging by the lower back dimples she's covered in body paint and not a costume (so those nearby buildings are REALLY getting a show). Where's her right leg going and why doesn't it seem to be connected in a realistic way to her rear? Where is her left shoulder? Why does she have a ridiculous under bite? And why does her head seem to be detached from her right shoulder/neck? Did the artist finish her ass and think "meh, good enough?"



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