I'm so done with the bitchiness that Jezebel uses whenever religion is discussed. I think Hell is real and so are miracles and I do not see why I should be shamed for that. I'm not some backwater hick that follows some old book blindly, I think about my faith and what it means to me a lot. I spend no time shitting on other religions or non-religious people and I would greatly appreciate the same respect. If that post is just a weird attempt at sarcasm, I'm missing it. I don't think it's too much to ask to not be made to look like a fool because I believe in things I cannot see. Religion does not equal a disbelief in science, the two can go hand in hand. And I am so tired of people assuming because I believe in Jesus that I don't believe in evolution. So in conclusion, shut the fuck up mainpage authors. Do not pretend you know the beliefs of every Christian and stop putting us down for no reason.


(I'll respond to everything later when I'm not at work, there's a lot to think about here.)