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In Response to the GS Cookie Boycott in Texas

I'm sure some of you saw this yesterday. People in Texas are "boycotting" Girl Scout cookies (as if that can even be done! You are Satan's arsehole if you don't buy GS cookies) in response to a tweet about Wendy Davis.

Apart from this being entirely laughable, this is all I have to say.

I've already bought over $40 worth of cookies in the last month, AND WHO KNOWS, I MIGHT BUY MORE JUST TO SPITE YOU! Also, I'm an old Girl Scout, so I'll buy all the cookies I want any time I want!


But seriously, they're fucking stupid. This coming from someone who lives in, and loves her home state.

Also, Samoas FOREVER!

ETA: Thanks to comeonpoppet19, I wanted to add this:

The newest program from GSUSA is called ToGetHerThere.org You can learn about it and donate and purchase a hella cute t-shirt on this website.


And you can buy cookies at your local gathering place if no girls knock on your door or sell at your local super market. Go here to find cookies near you.

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