I've been reading through the old posts.

I'm just going to link to the first year here. If it's TL;DR, they later put the ten best stories up on this thread.

And last year's thread is here. [I searched in vain for weeks last year to find a "Best Of" thread from those contributions, but alas, the promised post never materialized. In all fairness, Fucking Hurricane Sandy — ugh, remember her? — basically ruined everything that Halloween and I'm sure the Gawker Media staff had much more important issues to deal with so I wrote it off as yet another casualty.]


I don't know if they'll be asking again this year but it is getting awfully close...

Be warned: Falling into either wormhole WILL devour hours — nay, days — of your life. AND, there are some truly horrifying accounts of hauntings, monsters and the unexplained. I seriously don't know how some of the authors didn't mess themselves, unless they just left those parts out.