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So I'm working on the report cards for my class this weekend. I have commented on all the subjects that I need to. All that is left is to do the learning skills.

I hate the learning skills.

The way they are set up here, there are six learning skills: Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative and Self Regulation. I have yet to see them defined clearly anywhere. There's a page in the Province's document around Assessment and Evaluation, but I still find it kind of vague. I find myself sitting here thinking "Is that Responsibility or Independent Work?" when I come up with something to say about a kid.


Also, I find it hard to comment on things like "self-regulation" in a way that is meaningful for Grade 1's . In this case, Self-reguation doesn't mean self-control, it's actually about monitoring goals and their progress towards achieving them.

Bleah. Better get back into it.

ETA: At least they have changed the format over the last two years. They told us last year we had to have two strengths and one next steps comments for each learning skill. Now we just have to have 1 comment per learning skills, and 1 next step in total. This will speed things up.

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