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In the interest of being a responsibly tattooed professional

Practical question for tattooed ladies (and tattooed men, if you also have to contend with pseudo-transparent clothing): how much does your dark ink show through blouses/button downs?

I've got a few tattoos already, but they're smaller and lower on my torso where the shirt material floats rather than presses directly against the skin, so peeking isn't a problem there. For years, I've been planning a larger, darker piece for my upper back/shoulder, which can be a tricky situation given the way fabric stretches across that area when moving around/lifting/reaching/whatever. I'm concerned that black ink + white cotton might not make for the best combination on the job.


I'm a mortuary intern, so it's pretty important that I err on the side of caution in maintaining a conservative appearance when I'm interacting with families. The funeral directors I work with don't care so much about tattoos as long as they're not on my face, neck, or hands, so I'm not trying to skirt a company policy. I just tend to deal with a lot of older, more conservative family members, so I don't want to upset or offend anyone who's already feeling extra sensitive due to the circumstances in which we're meeting. Granted, I wear suit jackets during the actual viewings and services, so this potential tattoo won't be a concern at all during the more "public" interactions; however, I sometimes wear just a nice blouse/button down with the suit pants during other duties, some of which do involve interaction with families, and therein lies my concern.

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