Lots of twisty turny news today.

Chuck Schumer is reelected to be Senate Minority leader despite losing seats

Trump’s “My Kevin” saves us from having Gym Jordan as House Minority Leader.

Many news outlets join in the CNN suit against the White House rescinding Jim Acosta’s press access.


AND.....now Trump’s base is boycotting Fox News for joining the suit.


Trump’s new theory about what happened in Florida—it turns out it was wardrobe changes!

And remember the Federalist Society—those guys who made Trump a list of judges for appointments? NOW they think he’s gone beyond the rule of law......


Looks like Mueller is looking at Roger Stone for witness tampering—-if you have never seen Randy Credico you need to find an interview—he is a very interesting guy.



This week is freshman orientation for new congress members—-this guy was denied access because his election, but Rick Scott sure was there and was welcomed.

Talk about anything you want, or add your own weird news

Update—I know Harvey Levin is in bed with Trump, but this is being reported by multiple news sources. Avenatti arrested for DV—- He says she hit him first—but that doesn’t mean you hit back, Michael!