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In the past year or so I've discovered the endless rabbit hole of YouTube. I watch everything from makeup tutorials, pregnancy video, cooking, how to fix random stuff, etc. A few people have multiple channels and vlog their daily lives. I can't even believe the amount of subscribers they have but hell I am one of them. I started watching one family in particular who have three adorable children. Currently they are in the process of potty training their three year old and often (almost daily) film this little girl on the shitter. There is nothing shown body wise but it seems like an awkward thing to film and put on the internet. I can imagine this little girl growing up and being in the 6th grade and having footage of this stuff coming back to haunt her. I've come across articles online about the children in the viral videos we all see each day and whether or not they are being exploited but I feel these family vloggers and the content they upload is different than a viral video. The parents in this particular vlog don't work and make their money off of YouTube. Now, I don't know how the money situation with something like that works, if they get paid by view, by ad clicks or by thumbs up or likes but most of their draw seems to be these ridiculously cute children. I don't have kids and feel I shouldn't pass judgment but am I being a pearl clutcher for thinking this is a bit of a violation of this child's privacy? They have a tripod set up in her room facing her bed. It is just odd all around that these kids have cameras in their faces everyday and are taught to acknowledge it, say 'hi" to their viewers. How confusing for a small kid.


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