Last night started the headache from hell. This morning I woke up and if at all possible it had gotten worse. I could barely manage to sit up, so decided it was unwise to go to work. It was severe enough though (and painkillers useless enough) that I called and made an appointment with the doctor.

In the afternoon I went to the doc and when she put her hands on my shoulder she exclaimed "poor dear! you're shoulders are all knotted up! that has got to hurt." she was visibly shocked at the state of my shoulders/neck. She concluded that I had both a tension headache and an unusual migraine (due to my issues with light and sound), subscribed painkillers and some advice to get those shoulders/neck massaged.

The way back was quite difficult (took long, lots of walking, bonking head, swimming vision, light, sounds, blergh) and by the time I was almost home I had a feeling I wanted to have a specific soup for dinner and got it. I figured if boyfriend came home anyway, we could both have soup or we could eat something else, no harm done. By the time I got home the world was swimming and flickering before my eyes and I could barely keep myself up. Then I finally received a response from boyfriend about whether he was going to be home for dinner tonight.

"Maybe. But I'll have to work from home then though. Oh and -friend- asked me to go have a beer."

I _knew_ it. I could sense that he wouldn't be coming home. I know it was childish of but I responded with "Oh. Okay. Fine, go then. I bought dinner already anyway."


I know it's unfair of me to expect him to come home and take care of me when I haven't asked him too. But he knew how sick I was. He knew I was going to the doctor and didn't even so much as inform to how it went. I would've. I would've come home to check on him and take care of him, cook him something nice. At the very least called him to check up on how he's doing.

So now I'm annoyed. A massage would be nice but at least I have soup.

Worst boyfriend of 2014 award goes to = boobieguy

Worst girlfriend of 2014 award goes to = boobiechick (aka most passive agressive)