I arrived at my parents' place last night (after my one-hour flight's SEVEN HOUR DELAY) for a little time off of grad school and work. Since I am, in fact, completely incapable of resting and doing nothing I've been aimlessly rummaging around the house all afternoon... and I found all these old photos of my parents and grandparents back in the day! Since I know people around these parts like to look at such things, here are some of the good ones.

Here's my Grandpa (Dad's Dad) wearing a facial expression that I now know dates back to childhood:

And Grandma (Dad's Mom) posing and looking perfectly put-together, per usual:

Grandpa was in the Marines, apparently this is him Marine-ing:


Here's their wedding:

And a photo of my Dad and his twin brother (I have literally never seen a childhood photo of either of them without the other):


On the other side of the family... here are my grandparents with Baby Mom (ALSO I WANT MY GRANDMA'S ENTIRE OUTFIT AND LIPSTICK AND HAIR):

I found approximately one million First Communion photos... my family is like... really, really, really Catholic:


My Mom and a couple of my aunts and I think some cousins and OMG THESE OUTFITS THO:

In conclusion, Mom jumping rope:


Any other GTers have photos to share?