... LittleSmacks3 is today’s big winner! (Not really. Poor kid obviously inherited all my gracefulness.) (TW: grossness)

We were without insurance for a month or so after we moved. I got our new cards just a few days ago, and we got to test them out right away :/ Hey, now I know where the local urgent care is!

So, LS3 wanted to make dinner. Cool! He was making the pasta for his tuna casserole when he splashed boiling water onto his foot. He didn’t even tell me, just went and put his foot under cold water for a minute, then put his sock back on and carried on. He casually mentioned while we were at the library a little later that the top of his foot was sore, I said I’d check it when we got home, and that was all I knew until we got home and...

... he took off his shoes, took off his socks... and took off the whole top of the massive blister that had formed because it had fused to the sock. It’s at least an inch and a half by 2 inches. I would have been a sobbing heap on the floor if that was my foot (and yes, I speak from experience*), but he just sucked in his breath, said “Wow, that kinda hurts”, shrugged, and went on. I have no idea how he did that.

Once I knew how bad it was, we figured out where the nearest clinic that takes our insurance was, and off we went. The good news is that it’s clean and shows no sign of infection. The bad news is, it’s going to take ages to heal because it’s deep and it’s right where his shoe presses on it. They put silver sulfadiazine cream on it and wrapped his foot all up in gauze. His aunt got him a nice pair of slippers that are more comfortable. So he gets a day off school (and 2 weeks off gym class) and a lazy weekend, and we’ll see how it is by Monday.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why health insurance is a wonderful thing.

*As a child, I kicked over a full mug of boiling hot tea that a family member had left on the floor by their chair.