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How rude is it/Is it a cop-out to post questions from my Gender and Workplace sociology class and surf the unending resource that is the Hivemind?

I feel like I'm sidling up to the class smarty and asking for homework help which seems rude and lazy.


Many many of you have a much more complete insight into concepts than I do, or have read Inside Toyland and Opting Out way more thoroughly than I did. My professor structures her outlines in a sort of vague outline-y it's up to us to fill in the blanks kind of way. There isn't enough meat during class discussions to the topics that I want to be able to easily discuss were someone to ask. (I hear more anecdotes about people's children or their friends. Somehow, people that haven't had Soc. 101 are in the class.)

So, um.. basically, I want to probe you(r minds.)

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