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Welcome To The Bitchery
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In This Moment...

I have a deeper understanding of how Trump became president.

I walked into my coffee shop job. And immediately there is this gross smell behind the counter. And then I see a laundry bag full of wet smelly rags, that we use for counters and tables, on the floor.


Me: why are those rags on the floor?

Coworker: there was a leak three days ago.

Me: ...

Coworker: *makes a face, because I’m looking at her crazy*

Me: so why didn’t you use a mop?

Coworker: I don’t know.


And I thought this is how Trump became president. Because people out here really ain’t got no mother fucking sense. Don’t have any. Because people really not only used our good rags, but then let them sit there for three days, instead of getting the mop. Like they really thought the rags were the most sanitary option. And how are people supposed to ward off fake news, if they don’t have sense to mop up a leak? We’re doomed y’all.

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