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... we find out that health problems just wait for there to be no insurance!

I got a call from the school nurse about an hour ago. My 10 year old came in, complaining that his mouth is hurting. He broke a tooth a month or so ago. i've been keeping an eye on it, giving him ibuprofen here and there, while we wait for dental insurance to get sorted out. (quick details: we could have gone to the one and only state funded dental clinic in our county, but it's more than an hour away, I have a very shitty car, and besides, an "emergency" appointment, is a 4 month wait. So Husband applied for dental through his work, but, of course, there was one snafu after another, and we're still waiting.) Apparently, sometime between Monday and today, his tooth has developed into a fine abscess.

As I'm getting off the phone with the school nurse, the pharmacy calls. They can't fill the boys ADHD prescriptions, because the computer is telling them we are no longer covered (even though that was supposed to have been resolved by today). (Would I like to pay for them out of pocket? Yours today for the low, low price of only $1800 for the month!)


So, let's recap: we have kid who is both attention deficit and on the autism spectrum, with an abscess in his gum, who is currently unmedicated and has no insurance coverage. I'm going to have to bring him in to the ER. His Dr or the walk-in clinic will only see him with $100 cash up front (oh, yeah, I'll just pull that out of my magic asshole that shits nickels.) I hate like hell to waste their time at the ER on something that isn't an actual emergency, but I know that if this goes untreated, it could end very badly. He's got to get on antibiotics before a dentist would even try to deal with it, anyway.

Anybody got a nice solid wall for me to bang my head against? sigh

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