Update: Happy ending! Hopefully they’ll be quickly adopted by someone who isn’t a monster.

A bonded pair — a 12-year-old blind dachshund and a 6-year-old pit bull who served as his seeing eye dog — was brought into a shelter after the owner became homeless and could no longer care for them. The shelter insisted they be adopted together, for obvious reasons.

A woman adopted both of them and then promptly dumped the dachshund by the side of the road. When he was found and brought back to the shelter, they contacted her. She said she doesn’t care about the dachshund and has no intention of returning the pit bull. Kinja won’t let me embed, but there’s more info in a Facebook entry from the pit bull rescue this horrible woman contacted to specifically inquire about adopting these dogs.

Shelters are quite literally overflowing with pit bulls, and she could have taken her pick. But she didn’t just want a dog — she wanted to make another, extremely vulnerable dog suffer in the process. For the fun of it.

Hell’s too good for some people.