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I always assumed with the height of youth unrest, civil rights laws the spat of rural comedies like Andy Griffith Show, Petticoat Junction, Green Acres were aimed for those who were conservative that eras MAGAs. Yet shows like Amdy Griffith Show was actually a good show. Not sure where Beverley Hillbillies should be catagorized a rural sitcom or just a show with rural characters.

I am defining a rural sitcom where bulk of characters live and are from rural America AND overwhelming setting is in rural regions.

I assume though Mayberry today it would not be drunk folk drunk from moonshime but folks addicted to opiads and Taylor and Fife knowing how to use Narcon. Oh now I am sad.


I can easily picture a remake of Green Acres with a political bent more then cultural or equal political and cultural conflicts. As I recall politics was hardly mentioned on original show. You could not escape it now.

Petticoat Junctiion I believe all the characters lived in rural America all their lives. Green Acres were cityfolk moving to rural area. I guess it could comeback but it would have to be more then just political all the time.

Amdy Griffith Show I would think it would only return if Ron Howard was involved. He made an 80s tv movie bringing it up to date. Maybe he could bring it up to date again. Maybe have the Fife family run the law enforcement in Mayberry and the Taylors run the political side and have Sheriff Fife and Mayor Taylor be married. The “villians” the Pyle family who is into gambling and moonshine.

Anyone even remember these shows? I liked The Andy Griffith Show. My late grandmother liked Green Acres and Petticoat Junction when it was in syndication in the 70s. I remember finding GA funny but bored with PJ. I know AG has never gotten out of syndication for long stretches but the other two I recall TVLand aired GA in the 90s. PJ I cannot even recall.


I am shocked rural sitcoms have not returned.

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