I sent a package to the UK a few weeks ago. Today, I got an email from my customer asking for the tracking number, so I check it for myself.

The package is in Canada, heading to Montreal. Wut.

I'm now desperately trying to reach a human being on the phone. I was successful once, but because it is an international package, I had to be transferred. No one answered after fifteen minutes. (This was after I waited on the phone for half an hour, hung up, tried again, and was answered in five minutes by the only person I've been able to reach thus far.)

I'm now hitting the half an hour mark of trying multiple times to reach someone again. I even promise to be polite to whoever answers! Please just answer!


Any tips on how to get someone to answer? I've figured out that hitting "0" enough times makes the autobot actually transfer you, but I also think it transfers me into the abyss.