So.... beyond it now being basically impossible to follow a thread, it seems the main consequence of this latest version of Kinja is that trolls are now the most prominent posters in the Gawkerverse. It's slightly worse on Jez than Gawker, I think just because Jez has so many trolls who monitor it 24/7, but Gawker comments have been pretty unreadable, too, well beyond the bizarre thread structure.

I'm totally tilting at windmills here, but... I just don't get why people love responding to trolls so much, particularly when responding to them not only gives them exactly what they want, but adds prominence and weight to their bullshit. No one wants a comment section that's basically unreadable because trolls have taken it over, but the majority of commenters behave in a way that makes trolls the most prominent posters on the site. And then they complain about all the trolls. It hurts my head. And, y'know, completely ruins the sites for anyone who would like to have actual discussions about things instead of endlessly yelling at trolls and then patting yourself on the back for what a good job you did teaching that troll a lesson (i.e., giving her/him exactly what s/he wanted).