Wow, I'm incredibly annoyed by this. I really, really fucking hate fans trying to disguise their entitlement issues by couching them in social justice terms, and the whole "If you don't make my ship canon you're a dirty homophobe!" stance so much of Supernatural fandom (and now, apparently TV Guide) has taken is just embarrassing. I really hate the term "social justice warrior," but dear lord, if it ever applied anywhere, it's here.

And the article is just a mess. Beyond the serious cherry picking and the insanely liberal use of slash goggles, the author makes clear that she wrote it because she's upset that the show made clear in canon that Dean and Castiel will never be a couple, but her conclusion is that she just wants the show to make it clear. It's beautifully circular and insanely convenient logic—they're homophobic because they just made clear in canon that Dean and Castiel will never be a couple! And if they want to prove that they're not homophobic, all they have to do is make clear Dean and Castiel will never be a couple! There is literally no scenario that doesn't involve Dean and Castiel regularly having sex in canon that counts as not homophobic.

I'm also quite fond of the explanation that yes, the show has provided just as many jokes and just as much fanservice for the other big Supernatural slash ship, Sam/Dean, but that totally doesn't count because fans never thought that was going to be real! If the only thing that separates disgusting, horrible "queerbaiting" from harmless, joking, clearly not to be taken seriously "fanservice" is fan reaction, "queerbaiting" is an entirely meaningless term. And she also conveniently fails to mention that a great deal of what convinced the fandom that Castiel and Dean were going to become lovers in canon was the writing of andythanfiction, a pathological liar and con artist who has preyed on the fan community emotionally, financially and sexually for well over a decade.


In short, jesus fucking christ, people. I get that the idea of Dean and Castiel together is really, really hot. I get that you'd love to see in canon. I've been there far too many times myself. But please stop pretending it has anything to do with social justice, and please stop trying to justify your tantrums that the show doesn't cater to your every whim as fighting oppression. It's ridiculous, it's gross, and it's only giving people a legitimate example to point to when they claim people who talk about social justice are completely full of shit.