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My goddamn coworker. She’s got a kid’s class on Chinese New Year, right? She’s this little batty white woman. So she’s got on this red silky shirt and black pants. Ok. Perfectly normal. Oh, and she’s got on this thick cat’s eye eyeliner. Except instead of winging out and up, it’s a straight line towards her temple. To make her look asian. I didn’t say anything to her, because I enjoy being employed, but I came three feet away from rending her limb from limb. I waited patiently until her supervisor got to work, and I fucking unloaded on Children’s Supervisor and it felt So. Damn. Good. I didn’t say anything to my coworker, because I didn’t feel like hearing about how she’s not doing it to be racist, she’s doing it as an homage to Chinese culture. Also, because I’m pretty sure saying “Bitch, look at your face” would not be an accepted response to hers.

My last statement to her supervisor was, “I deserve to go to work and not have to deal with a racist caricature here.”

TL;DR: Bumble maintained great restraint in the face of great idiocy.

ETA: What we call classes are really just storytimes, with some sing-a-longs thrown in. Also, the eyeliner looked a lot like an unembellished Eye Of Horus


ETA ETA: Apparently Supervisor told me that the delivery of my complaint, had I delivered it to anyone else, would have gotten me a talking to. That I needed next time to cool down because the manner in which I made my complaint was “too intense.” And that she hadn’t talked to Coworker because the eyeliner was gone before she managed to speak to her. Supervisor DID say that I could tell Coworker about how she made me feel, but told me that I should try to relay my feelings in a calm, cool, collected manner. HISS.

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