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In which Erin Burnett's show almost makes me fall of the treadmill due to a rage stroke

So, pretty much the only time I watch news channels like CNN and MSNBC (outside of election season) is when I'm at the gym. Normally I just read the closed captioning, but when I saw a segment come on Erin Burnett's show about how Feministing had posted a blog that called out Lorde's song "Royals" for containing racist lyrics, I plugged in my headphones to hear

This unbelievable bullshit is what followed.

You guys, no shit, I almost fell off the fucking treadmill. This fucking smug douchebag is the best guy you can get to come on to talk about racial issues? Not to mention the fact that he contradicts his own point. He actually ADMITS that Lorde is likely singing about black people or "hip hop artists" and then is too fucking stupid to link that to racism. And Erin Burnett tries to give him an out! She tries to ask if it could be a case for "unintentional racism" (which, imo, it almost certainly is), and he won't even cop to that. By the end of the segment, I was standing on the treadmill belt with my mouth hanging open in outrage. I wanted to throw something heavy at his stupid, smug face. Is it really so fucking hard to get a person of color on to talk about racial issues? And failing that, is it really hard to get someone who isn't a total moron, you know, maybe someone who knows what they're talking about?


Jesus fucking Christ.

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