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In Which Fishnets Doesn't Know What She's Doing With College

So as some of you might know/recall from an earlier GT thread, I was considering doubling in Comp Sci and English. Currently I'm just an English major (cue "What Do You Do With A B.A. in English"). I'm technically a semester and spare change ahead of my class (thanks, AP and IB credits!), so I can probably? do it in four years even if I fall behind some? Concerns: The required relateds, plus required Honors classes (to keep my scholarship), might murder my GPA (advanced math) and I probably wouldn't be able to study abroad (long-time dream). Other: finances likely won't allow study abroad anyway, and if I declare a major, I'll finally be able to take the long-coveted, majors-only-no-exceptions advanced electives in robotics and advanced game design I've been drooling over since I saw them on the syllabus.

Uuuugh. Essentially I have no idea what I'm doing, and the walls are closing in (must declare a double major by X date if you've any hope of completing both in 4 years. I can't afford more than 4 for a Bachelor's.) I'll figure it out, but right now, I'm stressing like there's no tomorrow.


And I get up at 4 AM for online registration tomorrow.


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