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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I'm running about and I've been feeling sick, so I stop in a restroom before I go home to get ready for work. I promptly vomit in a gas stop restroom.

I'm in undergrad, and right now I work at a fast-food place. It doesn't matter if it's a one-time thing or if you're throwing up all day, you're supposed to call in if you vomit. (Let's see how many times you can use that in a blurb, shall we, Fishnets?) I get a manager (worse yet, one who blatantly dislikes me) and am informed I'll be written up because you've got to call in hours ahead, and I couldn't find a replacement for my shift because I don't know anybody who works there - those I did know left recently. Oh. Great. Like they didn't hate me enough at work. (Customers like me pretty damn well, but I don't really know how to interact with the managers - they're all older than I am, many have children - and I'm pretty damn new, so I make what seems to me like/what actually is a lot of mistakes.) I feel terrible. I know they were counting on me and it was incredibly short-order, but what was I supposed to do, go in while sick and get customers sick?


So I call up my ladysuitorperson and cry a little (which she took incredibly well). I feel inadequate as a human being because I keep managing to fuck up this ridiculous fast food job. Granted, I cannot control my stomach or the viruses that like to attack it... but it's one thing after another after another.

Then this unknown number calls me. I answer, kind of dreading it.

Lo and fucking behold, it's the manager of a place I applied to back in March, asking if I've got weekend availability. Which is exactly what I'm currently working, since weekdays are split between classes and my first on-campus job. (This first on-campus job doesn't give me enough hours to quit my off-campus and still, you know, afford my education.) I'm waiting on a call back for a second on-campus job - it's a desk job, great hours, looks pretty good on a resume - but I told the manager of this new place yeah, I'm looking for a change at the moment, was pretty vague on why.

So I'm supposed to hear from my on-campus interviewer by Monday, and the manager of the new place asked me to call back on Tuesday. She noted that, if hired, my main duties would be keeping the place clean and being nice and those are menial tasks that I'm very good at! so.

But still, right now I feel really shitty and terrible and while my stomach seems to be recovering it feels like a wall of shit just fell on me. Here's hoping that one of these job opportunities work out, that I hand in my two weeks notice without incident, and the last shifts at this place I have to work pass without incident.

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