Beau Mari just got back from getting his boxed up belongings from his old job. HR told him yesterday to return tonight at 7pm (so after everyone had left) to collect his things, which they would box up for him.

HR didn't even bother to meet him there. Nope, they just had his things waiting for him at security. This is after he had called his HR rep to ask for clarification on where to meet tonight and to ask for a recent pay stub, since he can't access the online system anymore. Did she ever call him back? No.

Beau worked there for over five years. His brother still works there. His SIL still works there. Both his parents recently retired from there, and his dad is in talks to come back as a consultant.

You would THINK HR would have the courtesy to show up for the hand-off, help him if he had any more questions, something.

This entire thing has been shady and underhanded, and this is just icing on the cake. Tonight is the first time since Beau got fired yesterday morning that he's actually seemed upset.