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I was trying to find some kind of funny cartoon or gif to put here about this situation and try to make light of it, but I just can't. I'm actually really freaked out and scared.

So a lot of this stems from not working for three years while I was sick. Our finances are...fucked. There's really no two ways about it, but we're slowly and surely digging ourselves out of the hole, little by little.


* January, 2013 - I went back to work (FINALLY!) to cover talent for pilot season for an old boss of mine. It was paid under the table, which was fine, but parking was an issue, which was not. There were some incidents with parking tickets that I could not afford to pay. She told me she would take care of them (thank God).


* April, 2013 - I accepted a job with my old boss' ex partner (it's a long story, but suffice it to say there were issues on both sides, but the partnership dissolved eight years ago. EIGHT YEARS). Anyway, I accepted my current job because said "ex partner" works with writers, not talent, and that's where I wanted to be. "Ex Partner" (henceforth known as "Current Boss") and her partner hired me on the up and up, I would get health insurance again (essential, since I was on the last legs of COBRA), plus I would start accruing time for unemployment and CA-SDI again.

Old Boss flipped her shit and I ended up having to walk out on the job with no notice (even though I had planned on two weeks, despite the fact that this was an off the books job) because the amount of abuse she was spewing at me was borderline police-call worthy. I was so shaken up and upset that I forgot about the parking tickets (she had already taken them from me a few weeks before any of this happened).

* July, 2013 - My car registration is due, and I got two conflicting notices from the DMV. One was just the registration amount, which I could afford, and the other, an astronomical amount that was only noted as "bail." WTF? Well, after a little investigation, it turns out that Old Boss, in a fit of pique, ripped up the parking tickets she said she would pay for and never told me. As revenge.

So I didn't pay my registration because of the parking tickets. I was told I had to pay the whole thing or I couldn't get my registration. No other options.


For the rest of the year, the Captain and I have been spending all of our time trying to stay on top of our rent, our bills, and just day to day living, while also trying to juggle the huge medical debt we still have from all of my nonsense. It seemed like any time we managed to set aside some money for the goram registration, another emergency would crop up.

Then, over Christmas and last night, I was pulled over twice because of the registration. In California, after six months, if your registration is delinquent, your car can be towed. I was pulled over on the 405 at 7:30 last night by a CHP officer, and I had to literally cry and beg for him not to tow my car because I need it for work in order to try to earn the money to get the fuck out of this mess.


So now I'm completely panicked and paranoid every time I get in my car with these out of date tags and all of these parking tickets that need to be paid. We don't have the money for this, Cap and I can't carpool right now because he's doing a movie and the schedule is totally different from mine, and I'm scared to death I'm going to get pulled over again before I can get it paid. I'm scared they're going to tow my car, and then I'm going to have to pay the registration, the parking tickets, the impound fees, AND the tow fees.

I don't ask for help. I believe my problems are my own and mine alone to fix. I like offering help - I'll do it for anyone in need, but for some reason, it feels morally wrong that I'm even writing this. I fucked up. I should never have trusted the Old Boss. I should have checked on the tickets she said she'd pay sooner.


But...I. God, this is so hard. I don't have anywhere else to turn for help.

ETA: As requested by the Emergency Fund peeps and a few people that have asked, the amount that needs to be raised is $500. I'm cringing just writing that, but there it is.

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