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Welcome To The Bitchery
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In which I crowdsource my physical health ETA: THANK YOU!!

Sooo, basically I am a giant klutz and managed to hurt myself, and I don’t know if I should go get medical help or not :/ I was out running yesterday and was almost home when OUT OF NOWHERE some kind of bump in the pavement just magically appeared and made me trip over, and I landed smack bang on my left knee. I managed to dust myself off and get home, but my knee has a couple layers less skin than before, and I have a really terrible pain all over my kneecap. It’s gotten so stiff and swollen and bruised that I can’t really bend my leg or put any weight on it, and I can’t even bear touching it (mainly because I’m a giant wimp).

My partner thinks I should go to the hospital today, but I really really hate any kind of medical setting (I pass out rather often at hospitals and dentists and doctors offices) and I also am really conscious of wasting some poor A&E nurse’s time with a banged up knee. My hypochondriac self is 110% sure I’ve shattered my kneecap into a thousand pieces, and my rational self is 50/50 on that possibility. I’m basically just looking for crowd wisdom (and also sympathy gifs ;) ) on this - I have all week off from work so thankfully I can just lay up and wait for the pain to go, but if I’ve messed up my knee badly I don’t want to make it worse by not getting help. UGH I was just starting 30 Days of Yoga and my 10K running plan too!


ETA: THANK YOU everyone for convincing me to go! I think maybe I wasn’t taking it as seriously as I ought to, so thanks everyone for sorting me out :) I just got home from the hospital - they did a couple of xrays and had a look, and thankfully I just have some really deep bruising and soft tissue damage, no tears or fractures or anything serious. I’ve been told to stay off it for 24-48 hours and then slowly work back up to using it fully. What a relief!

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