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In which I do a perfectly acceptable Sunday Afternoon Thing.

Sazerac (my version), double (of course it's a double);

3oz rye whiskey or bourbon (I prefer bourbon)
2 sugar cubes
Peychaud's bitters (I'm out and using The Bitter Truth's Creole Bitters)
splash of water
twist of lemon peel


Fill an old fashioned /rocks glass with ice. Place sugar cubes (omg, I love sugar cubes so much, they're so awesome and I don'tknowwhyIgetsoexcited...) in metal strainer cup. Follow with a crap ton of bitters, at least 15 dashes (edit, used 20). Muddle. Dump ice from old fashioned glass into strainer, coat glass with a bit of Herbsaint. Drink herbsaint. I mean, have you seen the economy? Make face, vow not to do again. Add rye to strainer cup with a splash of water, stir. Twist lemon peel over glass, rub rim (dirty girl), strain drink into glass, twist peel again.

et voila!

*get some decent old-fashioned glasses (we had an awesome set that's dwindled over the child-raising years).


Forgot to add the most important directive: GO NOWHERE. Not if someone else is driving, not if your house is on fire, not if you're bleeding from (what can only be caused by the need for more lemon peel later) a knife wound. NOWHERE.

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