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Welcome To The Bitchery
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In which I ignore reality

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I had a really good morning.

I'm not going to let reality take that away from me.

Some very dear friends of mine in Wisconsin had their baby early this morning and she's a chubby ball of adorable! Yesterday evening when I had the older child check the mail, I got a card from my mom with a $100 bill, for no reason at all. I could have saved it, but we went crazy with it. I took the kids to the park this morning and we played tag and got some of the crazy out. Then we went to the mall and used up that cash! The kids got to get Twilight Sparkle at Build-a-Bear, I got the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette (in keeping with today's makeup theme!), and I let them help me pick out a few new candles at B&BW. After we got home and had lunch, the 2yo decided he was ready for a nap and climbed into bed all by himself and fell asleep right away. Now it's time for school (8yo) and chores (me), but I'm not feeling burdened at all.


I just want to share my happy energy with everyone today. I feel like I can CareBear stare those asshole Repubs right the hell out of Congress.

ETA: We also just got curbside recycling in my neighborhood and I'm stoked!

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