Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

In which I learn to not stress about the future because it's utterly pointless

24 hours ago I was stressing out about a future and about it’s link with my past. Not even 24 hours later, all problems have been solved for me.

Downsides : I am not getting a room. I am also not getting a tattoo.
Upsides : I’m still going to Seoul & various places in Japan. And I’ll be able to visit the bath houses now! :D
I will also not have to pay rent in the month that I’m traveling, keeping my moneys for the trip!


In short, one of the two girls had to say no. The renter didn’t trust us to find a third, although we both met him this morning (and already new who would be filing in) and by the afternoon had gotten the contract to the place signed by others.


I waited too long and she’s booked now. Boo :(

Yes I’m bummed. Sure I feel a bit sad and the fact that there is no home on the horizon feels like a gaping hole. But I’m also amused at how many feelings I had only yesterday and how irrelevant they were! I think karma wanted to teach me a lesson? I also feel pretty free and untethered. Both in a bad but mostly in a good way.


The roomies and I are still in touch about finding a place together. I’ve gotten in touch with a realtor (who is a friend of a friend) that can probably find us a place. The question is, can we afford it? It’s more expensive than we can afford (a bit on a monthly basis and you have to pay more than 3x the starting amount than is usually requested. I’m talking thousands.. :/ ) so I’m not sure it’ll be an option.

But either way, I’ll be packing up all my shit at the end of next week and moving it into storage. I’m going on my trip without worrying about this situation and I have enough places to crash at to keep going for.. months, really! And even if I can’t, my parents aren’t that far away. I spent the evening chatting, laughing and drinking with my colleagues. As usual I could rely on them for some comedic relief when things went a bit downhill.


Maybe I should be more worried, but I’m not really? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

C’est la vie!

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