I'm making a coconut cake for a BBQ party this weekend, and I also wanted to make some chocolate cupcakes. Because, you know, options. I'm thinking mini cupcakes because chocolate cupcakes are best when they are very rich, in my opinion, and probably topped with chocolate ganache because I find buttercream pretty disgusting (although I grudgingly use it to frost cakes, and then scrape it off when I eat the cake).

So, my question is - what would be good to make the chocolate cupcakes more interesting? A sprinkle of smoked sea salt? A dollop of Sriracha? Peanut butter filling? I generally don't make chocolate cake in summer but I'm feeling chocolatey.

Here's my grapefruit curd cake from the last time I had cake-related issues (the swirly pink ombre one, it turned out really well!):